Runkel & Jenny: An Increasingly Louder Voice


A couple of decades ago, while living and working in Paris, I was dating a girl by the name of Jenny. On a Sunday afternoon, we decided to sit right about here to discuss Jenny’s passion for humans, my passion for design and how it might converge with a buddy/former roommate of mine’s (Michael Wolfe) passion for technology.  We spent enough time inside Corporate America to know that (1) Corporate America wasn’t always designed with humans in mind and (2) The products and experiences designed in “Big Company” at the time were even less intuitive than the cultures in which they were created in. We founded a consultancy by the name of Runkel & Jenny to humanize brands and the products and experiences they make.

We were right about here...

We were right about here...

Then, life happened, gloriously. Jenny and I returned to the U.S. We three split-off into doing various things amidst an industry that was coming together through mobility, technology and an obsession for “making.” We were fortunate enough to have worked for and with some of the brightest leaders and practitioners today within firms such as IDEO, Stone Yamashita, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, IBM, HPWhirlpool, Best Buy, BrightHouse and Boulder-based startup Useful.

Jenny and I wed, had a couple offspring, and moved to the Midwest. From our quiet rebirth as Runkel & Jenny we’ve resurfaced as a stronger and wiser voice. While Michael is behind the scenes we’ve partnered with data scientist Jeremy Wortz, who has an absolute and exquisite expertise in the various facets of data science. The past couple of years have found our collective curiosity in the midst of solving human-centered data-driven problems within autonomous vehicles, mining, a FinTech startup, training algorithms to identify rare disease and battling pollution in China.

We are a global and scalable team of digital leaders, experts, generalists and passionate creators who still have a relentless drive to lead, guide, experiment and make solutions that make the world a better more meaningful place to be. We are Runkel & Jenny, a human-centered, data-driven company who partners with some of the world’s most significant brands in the most responsible, efficient and effective way.

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