Through encouragement and challenge, everyday people of all ages to competitive athletes are becoming stronger, healthier, and frankly, happier.  FMCF sought an online presence that translated this culture and one that articulates how they differ from the various Crossfit boxes that seem to be popping-up throughout the US and beyond.

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What We Did_

Through 1-on-1 interviews, along with joining the box ourselves, we were able to view the athlete experience first-hand. Besides the voice of passionate, knowledge and experienced owners and coaches, what is it about the culture that’s unique and keeps new and current members to increase engagement and serve as brand champions within the community? Is this culture scalable or does the unique voice and approach reside only with the current coaches?

We found that FMCF’s personal touch, and focus on education regarding all that they offer from nutrition support to olympic lifting, results in athletes accomplishing more than they thought they could. It’s contagious and the buzz about FMCF occurs gradually. In addition, there are serious athletes here that are training for regional and national events. It truly is not an ordinary “gym.”

Through collaboration with photographer/videographer Kelsey Maiko, a “vision” video was created and original photography shot to tell the Fort Miami Crossfit story, which has played an integral role in growing their customer base, and in up-selling other FMCF programs. Testimonials, original and seo-optimized content, original design and a content strategy framework played an integral role in this 2yr old business to gain exposure and increase membership through this responsive digital experience.

Industry: Health & Fitness

Tags: User Research, Rapid Prototyping, Small Data, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Innovation, Content Strategy

Created At: Runkel & Jenny



Increased engagement online and membership