Meet WashSquad: An app designed for Whirlpool to help laundry-obsessed taskmasters (62% of the laundry-doers in each household) delegate but still feel in control of their whites and permanent press. 

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What we did_

Fun and satisfying to the more orderly amongst us, the app had a broader purpose: to leverage Whirlpool’s 100 years of study of home life and appliance usage to create awareness for their newest line of smart appliances.

Personas were developed through rigorous ethnographic and market segmentation research. This is where the user need around fear of delegation was uncovered. From this need, we concepted and tested different solutions. The idea of a mobile application received positive feedback. We iteratively developed wireframes and visual interface designs and tested them with users to refine the experience.  We used ethnographic research at the beginning to understand the audience and uncover needs. During the design phase we conducted usability testing, which helped us refine the interface and task flows to better align with user needs and expectations. In the pre-launch phase, journaling research helped us understand how the application would be used by multiple participants in the real world. This helped us shape how the experience notified users and customized itself over time to fit users’ needs and expectations. 

Industry: Home Appliance

Tags: User Research, Rapid Prototyping, Big Data, Small Data, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Innovation

Created At: Whirlpool, in conjunction with Digitas LBI